The Gift of Giving

The Karori Arts and Crafts Centre (KACC) is a creative community housed in a custom built facility courtesy of a bequest from life member Dorothy Newman.

In the annual quilt and card challenge we celebrate the work of our artists and craftspeople while raising money for charity. In 2013 we held our first opening night for the Quilt and Craft Fair, which proved hugely successful both socially and financially. Painters and photographers mixed with applied artists building mutual respect for each other’s talents.

In 2014 we first commemorated absent friends with a Quilt Challenge. This year’s Christmas theme abounds with Christmas symbols executed in a variety of applique, piecing and quilting styles. The families with premature babies to whom they are gifted will draw strength from these vibrant creations.

Nancy Goggin Quilt Winner
Nancy Goggin’s award winning Christmas quilt

Our first Card Challenge was held in 2015 with cards depicting KACC activities like painting, photography, embroidery and calligraphy. But let’s not forget the little bit of friendly competition thrown into the mix that contributes to the creation of the vibrant creative community as fostered at the KACC.

Elinor Curtain Card Winner
Elinor Curtain’s award winning cards

The awards for the challenges were presented at the Christmas party to Nancy Goggin – Christmas tree quilt and Elinor Curtain and Iris Faded – quilled paper cards. Then a silent auction of the cards raised $200 for the Mary Potter Hospice with the KACC celebrating their community who even in competition acknowledge not only the prize but also the gift of giving.